🎇The Eupraxia New Year Challenge🎇
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New Year Challenge Details 
How can we give a away memberships and cash?  I'll tell you in a bit...
But first....Here is how the challenge works. 

Each location will be accepting 20 new people to do the 6 week challenge starting Jan 16th. If you take part in the challenge we will give you everything! 

We'll give you 6 weeks of grocery shopping lists showing you exactly what to buy for your custom meal plan. We'll give you 6 weeks of custom meal recipes that are easy, great tasting, and inexpensive. Most people actually save money on their grocery bill. 

I call it the "one step from me coming and cooking for you meal plan" because the only way we can make it easier is if we come and cook for you. 

You get unlimited access to our expert designed, strength building, fat melting workouts. You don't have to wonder what to do at the gym....just show up and we take care of it all for you. All you have to commit to is 3 - 35 minute workouts per week. 

We will track your progress so you know exactly how much fat you are losing and how much muscle you are gaining. 

You will get your own accountability coach to keep you on track! He/she won't let you fall off the wagon. 

And the crazy part..... if you hit your goal you get it all for FREE!

AND....the top "losing" male and female at each location gets $500 cash on top of their FREE 6 weeks. 

So how in God's name can we give everything away for free plus offer cash prizes?

 I'm betting on my service. I am betting that once you experience how awesome you feel when on my program you'll want to pay to be a member for many years to come. 

It's safe to say 20 spots will fill up fast. I'd click the button below to claim your spot before it's gone!  

Did You Know More Local Health Professionals Come To & Recommend Eupraxia? 

Doctor Weber didn't find success losing weight 
Until Eupraxia!

Nurse Julie loves how Eupraxia has her feeling "Strong & Powerful!"

Clinical Nurse Manager Dani
 "Joining Eupraxia Is The Best Choice I've made."

Nurse Diabetes Educator Kelly Recommends Eupraxia....."Because It Works!"

Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Increase Your Energy, and Have Fun! 

We'll Let Our Member Results Tell The Story...

"I cannot express how happy I am and how comfortable I feel in my skin now. Eupraxia has changed my life. "
Jenna Rose
Our current 6 week challenge record "losers"
"I love knowing that I am a healthier, happier person for my kids and husband. "
Darci Greeno
"Over 120 pound lost and counting. Just listen to Dr Czys. Just follow his advice. "
Donna Garbers
"After 3 kids I decided it was time to do something for me!"
Megan Miller

Visualize your future self. How will you feel? Just think how great it will be. We'll help you get there! 
"I've always worked harder when part of a group. From football and wrestling practice to Eupraxia. "
Dr Czys - Founder
"I'm feeling better at 60 than when I was 30!"
Keith Bargahm

"One year, 66 pounds and 18 inches off my waist later, I no longer require medication to sleep or for my heartburn, my asthma is practically non existent and I feel amazing!! "
Karen Kramer
When You Join the Challenge You Get:
  • The accountability and support to reach your weight loss goals. And you get the guidance you need so you're moving in the right direction without guesswork
  • You get us dedicated to your success and we know you are going to love your custom meal plan and fat burning workouts.
  • ​You get excited trainers to help you every step of the way towards reaching your health and fitness goals by joining our 6 week challenge.
"Why was I gaining weight?
It was Dr. Steve Czys that led me to the answer to that question. The lifestyle that Eupraxia teaches has not only answered that question, but many more."
Lindsay Bonnar
"Yes I LOVE being able to say that I have lost over 50lbs, and have went from a size 18 pants to a size 10, but it is now about being healthier and getting stronger. "
Lisa Cahill

"I remember when I met Dr Czys and I said to him, “I really don’t want to do this I have my own regimen and I will be quitting after 8 weeks!” Well a year and a half later I’m still a member and I love it!  "
Kim Foster

Malissa Tucker
Janelle Loss

"I promise you Eupraxia isn't just for ladies!  "
Dan Weinberger
Kim has lost over 115 pounds! 
And her buddy is down 70!
Marianne's Whole Family is Healthier. 
Donna Dropped over 110 Pounds!
His Doctors are Blown Away!
Down 50 Pounds & Counting
Never Felt Better and No More Crohns!
Dad-Bod Gone! 
This amazing mom earned her 20 year old body back! 
The best part is all of her boys are eating so much healthier now too! 
Check out the results some of our current challenge members are getting! 
Disclaimer - Results like this ARE Typical! 
Don't hesitate! Apply to reserve your spot before we fill up and close down the site! 
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