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Here at Eupraxia, we're proud to provide free consultations to anyone interested in starting their fitness journey with us.
Lets face it, finding a program that speaks to you and your goals is hard and sticking with one is even more harder. How many times have you started something and not even a few weeks later life gets in the way and you never go back?

That’s why we want to bring you in for a free 1-on-1 assessment. We want to know more about you, your life, why you want to get fit and where we fit into the picture, we want to know what we can do to hold you accountable and how we can develop a plan of action to ensure you get fit for good this time!

You’re probably thinking; I’m not in shape enough for this yet and I don’t know anyone at Eupraxia and I’m really nervous to just walk in the door! 

Don’t worry about a thing, because you’ll find that at Eupraxia we maintain a lighthearted and welcoming atmosphere that caters to regular people just like you! (And, we've only had 2 people die their first day  this month 😃)

It's so much fun a ton of our members just hang around all day calling Eupraxia  their second or even third home!

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The 3 Most Common Fears I Hear From People Before They Join a Gym..... 

1) Judgement
2) Injury
3) Failure
Let me explain in the video below why at Eupraxia you don't have to worry about any of them! 

Meet Your Coach For Life
Lets face it, you’re destined to fail if you don’t have someone in your corner backing you up every step of the day. Big box gyms bank on you never using your membership, but we want to see you here each and every week making continued progress toward your personalized goals.

This is where your coach for life comes in and saves the day! You’ll meet this person during your assessment and your coach for life will work with you to understand exactly what motivates you and how you can work together to ensure you keep coming back and continue to achieve incredible progress.

If you fall off track expect a call from your coach asking where you’ve been and encouraging you to get back in the doors.
Simply starting and falling off track then never coming back just doesn’t happen at Eupraxia. We are 100% committed to your success and well being!

It's a Love/Hate Relationship 😃

After your fitness assessment, you and your coach for life will sit down and work to create a personalized plan of action that caters to your specific goals and works with your current level of fitness. 

There is no cookie cutter way to introduce you to our programs and that’s exactly why we have a 1-on-1 fundamentals program!
Classes can be scary at first. You don’t know anyone, some people look very fit and lots of the movements are things you may not have seen before. We understand exactly how you feel and we want to bring you into our health club in a way that makes you feel confident, excited and worry free.

Our program is designed to teach you the movements we do in the classes in a safe environment without adding intensity, until you show proficiency in the movements.

In fundamentals you learn:
-How to maintain (and stick with) a good diet
-Our foundational movements
-Mobility and Recovery techniques
-Set attainable goals with your coach for life

Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.
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